photoshoot faqs

My goal is to make your photoshoot a fun, worry-free experience, so that you walk away with amazing images that you love. #justasyouare

How do we pick a location?

Your location should speak to you and about you. I love to add a layer of personal history by shooting your session at a place you love or have grown up around. Think about your home, school, parks, your office, or other places you love to frequent. If there isn’t a place that gives you that strong, historic connection, then pick a place that aesthetically speaks to you. Where do you feel most alive? Surrounded by nature? In a pristine park-like setting? In the middle of a bustling city scene? Or exploring hidden street art? Even if it’s a mix of a few of these together, let’s make your session about YOU and come up with a place that reflects who you are.

What should I wear?

As a photographer, I try to create timeless and clean photos that bring out a natural and relaxed vibe of my clients. I want your authentic personality to shine. Beyond that, I want you to look like your best you and get the most out of your session. Choose outfits that make you feel great and also feel like you. I generally recommend bringing at least three outfits: one more dressy, one more casual, and one that’s representative of everyday you. This last one can be fun and trendy since the others will look more timeless.

Ladies and Girls: Bring a dress that moves! Avoid too tight or too short or too low-cut clothes which make it harder to move around and pose. And, don’t forget accessories.

Men and Boys: Easily change your look with a jacket or sweater over your shirt. Avoid bold/large patterns.

Pay attention to personal details and groom yourselves. Take a closer look at eyebrows, finger nails (if there’s polish, is it fresh and done well?), lips. I recommend using some sort of lip moisturizer for everyone to avoid chapped or cracked lips.

How Much Does it cost?

Photography session options begin at $325 for a Basic Session which includes one outfit, one location and lasts about 20 minutes. A Complete Session ($495) offers multiple outfits and locations, and lasts 1-2 hours (family sessions usually last around 1 hour and senior sessions around 2 hours), to relax into the shoot.

Following your session, you are invited to a viewing + ordering appointment where we select your favorite images and place your order according to your preferences. Clients typically spend anywhere from $500 to $3000 on prints and products. There is no minimum purchase requirement. 

For those wanting more than one session, let's discuss a photography subscription plan! This is ideal for a baby's first year or the entrepreneur or brand that needs fresh visual content over a period the year. Book three to six photo shoots within a 12 month period for a bundled price. Contact me for more details! 

How long will the photo session take?

The basic session lasts 20 minutes, but more involved sessions offer more time and thus variety on images you get to choose from.

When will I get my photos?

Viewing sessions are scheduled two weeks following your photoshoot.

How much do prints and products cost?

This is discussed in full when inquiring about booking and planning your shoot. To give a baseline idea, a 5x7 is $50, an 8x10 is $65, and a digital image is $150. There are packages available for purchase that bundle a mix of digitals and prints at a reduced price.

What should i do with the photos after the shoot?

We know we want the photos, we often just haven’t thought through how we want to use them in our lives. But it’s my hope that they will do much more for you than live on a hard drive somewhere in the back of a closet!

I believe people use their photos in three main ways: treasuring them daily on their walls and in their homes, as heirloom collections in boxes or albums that you view on special occasions, and for immediate sharing and gifts.

My favorites items for seniors would include a nice metal or canvas print, a set of small gift prints in a custom canvas box, a small leather bound album, and custom announcements or holiday cards to share at the end of the year.

Plan ahead on what you would love to have and what your budget is before your ordering appointment to make the evening fun and stress-free. I’m here to help you pick out the best options for your needs.